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Sun, 15 Jan 2012 23:00

Experiencing The Roof Of Africa

Some of my friends from work wanted to visit Lesoto, so we decided to organize a group tour there. A coworker who was supposed to be the group leader got sick, so I had to replace him.

He sent his company laptop with itinerary and all plans to me. I was surprised to discover that he also uses pretoriasingles.co.za like me!

But although the discovery was interesting, I still had a trip to organize. I used the roofofafrica.co.za site to get booking and save the day - everyone was very pleased with the accommodation, checking the Roof Of Africa site in order to get more information.

But I was still intrigued with my colleague's profile on the pretoriasingles.co.za site, and I sent him a message there. While we were enjoying in Lesotho, he answered me, not knowing that it's me.

We started chatting and it turned out that he's completely different person in private. While others were enjoying the view and rooms in Molumong Lodge, I was enjoying in the new relationship with someone I already knew. He was surprised when we got back and I told him everything, but still pleased.

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About Blog

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